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Last Update : July 18

New Arrival
4sun 10steps yosegi (4-10y)
2sun cube 4steps Drawer (2c4d)
3sun 7steps yosegi/kuzushi (3-7yk) New color

*Information : The wholesale price of 2 items are changed (raise price).
I'm sorry for inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. Hiroyuki Oka
2 sun cube 4 steps Drawer (2c4d) >>1700yen
4 sun 14 steps yosegi (4-14y) >>2700yen

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Note : Yosegi (Ko-Yosegi) is handmade and made from large sheets of continuous pattern. so the type of pattern varies by each puzzle box.

Item Code Name of a Japanese puzzle box qty. Wholesale Price
JP Yen

Schedule & Note
m10y Mame 10steps yosegi 1150
m14y Mame 14steps yosegi 1350
m18y Mame 18steps yosegi 4 1700
2-10yr 2sun 10steps yosegi/Natural wood (Rotary type) 1250
2c4d 2sun Cube 4steps Drawer yosegi 8 1700
k7y Kobako 7steps yosegi 11 1600
3-4yk 3sun 4steps yosegi /kuzushi 8 1500
3-7yk 3sun 7steps yosegi /kuzushi 24 1750 New Kuzushi color
3-12yk 3sun 12steps yosegi /kuzushi 11 2100 New kuzushi color
3-12n 3sun 12steps Natural wood walnut 2150
3-12ny 3sun 12steps Natural wood /yosegi 2100
3-12ns 3sun 12steps Natural wood /Stripes 2150
3-12nw 3sun 12steps Natural wood Walnut 2150
4-4h 4sun 4steps Hexagon yosegi 1900 *The design of side panel was changed.
4-7y 4sun 7steps yosegi 2100
4-7yk 4su 7steps yosegi / kuzushi 11 2100
4-10y 4sun 10steps yosegi 6 2400
4-10yk 4sun 10steps yosegi / kuzushi 16 2400
4-10ik 4sun 10steps Ichimatsu / kuzushi 2400
4-12nw 4sun 12steps Natural wood Walnut 4 2700
4-14y 4sun 14steps yosegi 2700
5-7y 5sun 7steps yosegi 3200
5-10y 5sun 10steps yosegi 3700
5-10d 5sun 10steps yosegi with hidden drawer 4500 *the design of inside Drawer was changed.