Available items list 2018 and Wholesale price
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Mame 10steps yosegi 1150yen

Mame 14steps yosegi 1350yen

2sun 10steps yosegi/Natural wood (Rotary type) 1250yen

Kobako 7steps yosegi 1600yen

3sun 7steps yosegi /kuzushi 1750yen

3sun 12steps yosegi /kuzushi 2100yen

3sun 12steps Stripes /kuzushi 2150yen

3sun 12steps Natural wood walnut 2150yen

3sun 12steps Natural wood /Stripes 2150yen

4sun 7steps yosegi 2100yen

4su 7steps yosegi / kuzushi 2100yen

4sun 10steps yosegi 2400yen

4sun 10steps yosegi / kuzushi 2400yen

4sun 10steps Ichimatsu / kuzushi 2400yen

5sun 7steps yosegi 3200yen

5sun 10steps yosegi 3700yen

5sun 10steps yosegi with hidden drawer 4500yen

7sun 12steps yosegi 7900yen