OKA CRAFT Wholesale / The current goods list 2023

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Last Update : 23 March
Due to the soaring cost prices of Wood and Yosegi sheet etc., I revise the wholesale price.
The orders you have already placed will be charged by the old rate of that time (don't worry).
I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. Hiroyuki Oka

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Items code Japanese puzzle boxes Current
Wholesale Price Japanese Yen
Schedule & Note
3-12ynw 3sun 12steps yosegi/walnut wood 2550
3-12nw 3sun 12steps Walnut wood 2700
3-18ynw 3sun 18steps yosegi/walnut wood 3050
4-12ynw 4sun 12steps yosegi/walnut wood 3400
4-12wk 4sun 12steps walnut/kuzushi 3100
4-14yk 4sun 14steps yosegi/kuzushi 3400
4-14ynw 4sun 14steps yosegi/walnut wood 3600
4-14nw 4sun 14steps Walnut wood 3400
4-14nkw 4sun 14steps Karin / Walnut wood 3400
4-14nzw 4sun 14steps Zebra / Walnut wood 3400
4-14nrw 4sun 14steps Rosewood / Walnut wood 3400
4-18yk 4sun 18steps yosegi/kuzushi 4000
4-18nw 4sun 18steps Walnut wood 3900
4-27yk 4sun 27steps yosegi/kuzushi 4300
4-27y 4sun 27steps yosegi 4500
s12ynw Square 12 steps yosegi/walnut wood 2900
5-14y 5sun 14steps yosegi 5000
5-21y 5sun 21steps yosegi 3 5700
5-27y 5sun 27steps yosegi 5900
5-36y 5sun 36steps yosegi 6900
5-10dy 5sun 10steps Drawer yosegi 5600
5-10dyn 5sun 10steps Drawer yosegi/natural wood 5700 ex.22103
6-18yn 6sun 18steps yosegi/natural wood 8000
6-27yn 6sun 27steps yosegi/natural wood 9200
6-54y 6sun 54steps yosegi 18800
hex6y Hexagon 6steps yosegi 4600
hex6nw Hexagon 6steps Walnut wood 4800
4c10y 4sun Cube 10steps Drawer yosegi 6300
4c27y 4sun Cube 27steps yosegi 6600

New Japan Post EMS fee from June 2022 is here.

Also I can send the package by DHL Express,
The fee of DHL is same or a little expensive compared to Japan Post EMS, but more Fast and safe.