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Last Update : December 02, 2020
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The Color and design of Kuzushi mosaic (the Side of the puzzle box) sometimes changes depending
on the situation of wood purchase and stock.

OKA CRAFT Yosegi puzzle boxes qty. Wholesale Price
JP Yen
JAN Code Schedule & Note
3-12ykh 3sun 12steps yosegi/kuzushi 1900 4580685043128
3-12yn 3sun 12steps yosegi/natural wood 50 1900
4-12ykh 4sun 12steps yosegi/kuzushi 2200 4580685044156
4-14ykh 4sun 14steps yosegi/kuzushi 2600 4580685044163 Traditional Yosegi type of Top panels
4-18ykh 4sun 18steps yosegi/kuzushi 3200 4580685044170
4-7x7ykh 4sun 7steps/7steps Double compartment 2900 4580685044187
4-12wk 4sun 12steps walnut/kuzushi 2500 4580685044118
s14ykh Square 14steps yosegi/kuzushi 2300 4580685048048
8L-14ykh 8 sun Long 14steps yosegi/kuzushi 4400 4580685048079
5-12y 5sun 12steps yosegi 8 3800

*Mame puzzle boxes of Traditional yosegi type are temporarily stopped. Because there is no these Yosegi sheet.

No. Limited puzzle boxes stock price
20105 8sun Large 7steps yosegi/natural wood 4000 SOLD OUT
20104 12steps 3sun Natural wood 30 2400
20103 12steps 4sun Natural wood 3000 SOLD OUT
20102 12steps 4sun Natural wood 3000 SOLD OUT
20101 14steps 3sun Cube Yosegi/Natural 4200 SOLD OUT

New Hiroyuki Oka's personal seal (Name of OKA in Japanese).
This is used for the stamp of puzzle box from now on.