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Last Update : January 23, 2020

*The copy of photos of items is Free. Please click the name of puzzle boxes for more detail.
The Color and design of Kuzushi mosaic (the Side of the puzzle box) sometimes changes depending
on the situation of wood purchase and stock.

OKA CRAFT Yosegi puzzle box qty. Wholesale Price
JP Yen
JAN Code Schedule & Note
m10kh Mame 10steps Kuzushi 4580685041032 in February
3-7oyk 3sun 7steps One-point yosegi 10 1400 4580685043081
3-12oyk 3sun 12steps One-point yosegi 23 1700 4580685043135
3-12ykh 3sun 12steps yosegi/kuzushi 1900 4580685043128 Coming soon
4-7oyk 4sun 7steps One-point yosegi 14 1800 4580685044132
4-12tkh 4sun 12steps yosegi/kuzushi 17 2200 4580685044156 New item
4-14ykh 4sun 14steps yosegi/kuzushi 10 2600 4580685044163 New item
s12ykh Square 12steps yosegi/kuzushi 15 2100 4580685048031 New item

Made to order puzzle box
The products below require long time to produce because they use Yosegi sheet from other manufacturers.
qty. Wholesale Price
JP Yen
JAN Code Schedule & Note
3-7yk 3sun 7steps yosegi / kuzushi 1750 4580685043029
3-12yk 3sun 12steps yosegi /kuzushi 2100 4580685043012
4-7yk 4sun 7steps yosegi / kuzushi 2100 4580685044026
4-12yk 4sun 12steps yosegi / kuzushi 2500 4580685044033
4-7wt 4sun 7steps Walnut/ kuzushi 2100 4580685044101
4-12wt 4sun 12steps Walnut/ kuzushi 2500 4580685044118