OKA CRAFT Wholesale / The current goods list 2022

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Last Update : May 20

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Items code Japanese puzzle boxes Current
Wholesale Price Yen
Schedule & Note
m14y Mame 14steps yosegi 1350
m18y Mame 18steps yoseg 1700
3-12y 3sun 12steps yosegi 2300
3-12yk 3sun 12steps yosegi/Kuzushi 1900
3-18yk 3sun 18steps yosegi/kuzushi 2500
4-12yk 4sun 12steps yosegi/kuzushi 2200
4-12yw 4sun 12steps yosegi/walnut wood 2700
4-14y 4sun 14steps yosegi 2900
4-27yk 4sun 27steps yosegi/kuzushi 3600
4-27y 4sun 27steps yosegi 3700
4-12wk 4sun 12steps walnut/kuzushi 2500
4-10ywm 4sun 10steps yosegi/walnut wood (One-point Maze) 2700
s12yk Square 12steps yosegi/kuzushi 12 2100
s12yw Square 12steps yosegi/walnut wood 8 2400
8L14yk 8sun Long 14steps yosegi/kuzushi 4400
5-14y 5sun 14steps yosegi 3900
5-27y 5sun 27steps yosegi 4800
5-36y 5sun 36steps yosegi 5700
5-10d 5sun 10steps Drawer yosegi 4500
4c10dy 4sun Cube 10steps Drawer yosegi 5200
Items code Special puzzle box Stock Wholesale Price Yen
Schedule & Note
22105 8sun Long 7steps Natural wood 4800
22103 5sun 10steps Drawer yosegi/natural wood 4800

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